RE: “no way we’re gonna stop global warming”
It’s quite simple. Reforestation, sequestration, lower emissions, and desert reclamation. It’s extremely simple, we have the technology, we have the economic systems, and we have the motivation. But the convenience of consumerism takes precedent over survival of the human race, and the people pushing hardest for extinction aren’t coming at it from an extinctionist angle. They are coming at it from the angle that reality is invalid because measurement bias lowers accuracy and a statistical bell curve is equivalent to a guaranteed infinite value and also equivalent to a guaranteed zero value. Even absurdism and deconstructivism are both compatible with statistical analysis and probability. We are in a mass extinction because we are selective nihilists who cherrypick and overgeneralize anything that will fit our craving for pleasure and instant gratification. All of us here have electronics. Late-stage Capitalism has no checks and balances, and natalism and petro-agriculture and fossil fuels extraction are all subsidized with money printed out of thin air. More money being printed out of thin air than ever before, yet also more pollution than ever before. Plutocracy’s darkest hour. The only bright side is that the faster we drive ourselves to extinction, the faster we stop predation. But what’s scarier than all intelligent life going extinct is the possibility of humanity surviving the collapse of civilization and desertification of most arable habitat. I think that animal rights are more likely to be enforced when civilization exists, and significantly more likely post-singularity. It’s just blithely idiotic to go extinct to make a buck.
It just seems more virtuous to change my spending habits than to doom the majority of life on Earth to extinction. And when billions of people are dropping like flies, we’ll be fighting over the scraps.

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