Bankers Steal Pensions During Crisis

Investors loooove a price crash, and when the price of something drops to zero then the deepest wallet wins! Everyone else gets liquidated. This is why elites make exchanges allow leveraged margin trading. Investing in oil has its own ethical issues, but when a hedge fund crashes the price it is market manipulation. Now when the banks go Long on oil with other people’s money, and pocket that money into their own hedge funds, stupidity is not an excuse. It’s outright theft.
The number one rule in the stock market is to always punch down. Hedge and arbitrage to take money from panic sellers, triangular arbitrage to take money from hedgers, trading cartel market manipulation to take money from margin traders, and hedge fund crashes and buy walls to liquidate cartels. And then isolate isolate isolate the stock market from China because the Chinese banks are centralized and can crash the USD and Euro at any time. Especially now that oil has crashed, since that’s what kept the USD strong.
When there’s a recession, who do the banks prey on to stay in the green? You. What causes inflation? Printing money out of thin air. Who loses wealth when the banks print money? You.

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