Trump’s Impeachment Is Fraudulent

The proceedings against Trump are fake outrage and do not tackle the real issues of criminal behaviour.

Trump should not be impeached because:
1) He needs to be impeached for the genocide in Yemen, or under the emoluments clause for accepting bribes from the Saudi government. To my knowledge, the motion to impeach Trump is fraudulent because it ignores his impeachable offenses.
2) Impeachment requires Senate approval! Without the Senate voting to impeach, Trump cannot be impeached.
3) Zero Republicans voted for impeachment, which makes this an undemocratic, partisan move.

4) Trump values human rights more than his Vice President Mike Pence.
5) Impeaching Trump under false pretenses rather than for genocide or bribery will increase his public support and allow him to win the 2020 election.
6) The Supreme Court ruled that the Muslim travel ban (Trump’s first ‘impeachable’ offense) is constitutional and therefore not an impeachable offense until their decision is overturned.

7) Bribing militant extremist groups is more of a threat to national security than not bribing them, because militant extremists often create violence, political instability, and blowback (e.g. Al-Qaeda & ISIS). Abandoning Ukraine would worsen relations with Poland and improve relations with Crimea, which would improve relations with Russia, which would de-escalate tensions with Iran, which would worsen relations with Israel. If you follow the money, then this impeachment could be spearheaded by the same deep state CIA leaders responsible for Euromaidan, who are hypocritically upset at Trump using their intelligence network.

Trump does need to be impeached because:
1) He aided the genocide in Yemen.
2) He accepted bribes from a foreign government.
3) His travel ban violates human rights.

On December 31, 2011 Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 which overrode habeas corpus: an American citizen’s right to a fair trial. This interpretation was confirmed by Congress on June 13, 2013. Going by the terrorist watchlist this entails that anyone causing property damage for a political cause (including environmentalists) can be indefinitely jailed without trial. On August 13, 2018 Trump signed the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2019 which overrides protections for civilians allowing the Pentagon to refuel Saudi bombers regardless of whether they continue to target schools, hospitals, open-air street markets, and mosques.

During Obama’s presidency, the US sold chemical weapons (white phosphorus) which was used on civilians, and used the USS Mason, USS Nitze, and USS Ponce to reinforce the blockade on Yemen. During the blockade over 85,000 children under age five have starved to death due to food and emergency aid being stopped by the Saudi navy. During Trump’s presidency, the US has continued supplying Saudi Arabia with weapons, munitions, military intel, and tens of billions of dollars worth of bombs. Trump has been complicit in genocide, and on April 16, 2019 Trump vetoed a congressional resolution to pull out of the genocide. I believe it’s because the Saudi monarchy is funneling money to Trump through his hotels, since prior to being elected he denounced the Saudi government. The Fed also needs Saudi Arabia to maintain USD to oil barrel prices in order to offset inflation. Printing money allows the Fed and Whitehouse and Pentagon and intelligence agencies to benefit from the Cantillon Effect (similar to coin shaving in Ancient Rome) which the Whitehouse relies on to balance its budget.

An impeachment process which ignores Trump accepting bribes and aiding genocide is just virtue signalling and fake outrage from the Democrats, which will improve Trump’s re-election chances. Many Democrats who support impeachment over Ukraine are at the same time supporting Trump’s federal district judge nominees!

I would support the impeachment of Trump under any of the following circumstances:
a) The Supreme Court reverses their travel ban decision and he is impeached for the breaking the Constitution, including a majority House of Representatives vote, a majority Senate vote, and at least one Republican vote.
b) He is impeached under the Emoluments Clause, including a majority House of Representatives vote, a majority Senate vote, and at least one Republican vote.
c) The House or the Senate vote to impeach Trump for aiding a genocide.
d) Trump is impeached through referendum.

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