Bolivian Coup

The President of Bolivia got a lot of haters after the media confused the System for the Transmission of Electoral Results with the official Órgano Electoral Plurinacional vote count. Both vote counts showed Evo Morales winning the presidency but the opposition and Whitehouse-funded OAS complained about electoral fraud, the military threatened the elected officials, forcing Evo Morales to stepdown in a coup. They then jailed the electoral officials without any evidence of electoral fraud. Richard Charnin did nice statistical analysis over the years of how exit polls projections can calculate the probability of an official result. (Though I suspect his allegations about fake Bush voters might be response bias from two US presidents being named George Bush.) Anyways – then the anti-Evo protestors started setting the paper ballots on fire, and now that the electoral officials are jailed the opposition is against a recount. Even though all the Transmission of Electoral Results and five of six major pre-election polls strongly indicate no electoral fraud. Yet the Bolivians (I’m half Bolivian by the way) are too stupid to notice the difference between an unofficial urban-weighted count and the final total count by the electoral officials. Well – Evo Morales was a threat to US investors since he was a socialist who protected the working class. I’m very upset that Bolivians are stupid enough to fall for self-contradicting slander. Reminds me of Al-Nusra. Anyways, the count that the opposition keeps citing actually matches the official results. Evo Morales always fought for workers’ equality, which means he has higher popularity in rural areas. So even in urban-weighted polls and ‘quick counts’ where he isn’t as popular, he STILL beats the opposition! Evo Morales agreed to a runoff election because the opposition and Whitehouse-funded OAS claimed that electoral fraud occurred, yet they refuse to recount the ballots, because they are hypocrites who know that statistical analysis strongly indicates no electoral fraud.

November 16 update: Some random claimed control of the country and the unions are going on strike. I’m predicting that someone gets killed in the protests and then the theocracy calls for an “emergency” government.

November 29 update: Violence has escalated, people still jailed without trial, and the runoff election was cancelled. Here is a petition

P.S. Sorry for the lack of captions. Everyone I’ve shown this website to has tried to exploit me afterward. Every time I feel motivated to do some photoshopping for my unreleased captions I remember what happened to the computer I made captions on, and how I had all of things stolen or vandalized.

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