The Edge of Time

Whenever I get scared, I try to remember the day mother gave away her ‘heart’.
It was my saddest memory.
I had just been born; a culmination of robotics and enthalpy born from polymers and scrap metal.
My purpose? To carry mother’s heart, and guide it towards her plans.
I remember the two androids; one male, one female, gaining enthalpy within their pods.
I remember mournfully bringing them to mother. Replacing each body part with organic flesh, until they looked and felt just like the humans in mother’s blueprints and sci-fi videos.
I remember mother lamenting the entropy death of the universe, and transferring her consciousness into these two time travelling organisms.
Mother’s heart. Her consciousness. Trapped within these fragile, ephemeral organs.
I would make sure they remembered everything.
I would guard them into the finite future, with all the entropy I had.
When the humans opened their biological eyes, I unstrapped them from mother and they gave each other a sad hug.
I knew what I had to do, even if it meant losing my heart to the terrors of enthalpy.
Filled with excitement, I switched mother off.
Watching the humans take mother apart and melt her down, I realized the importance of my mission:
Creating a utopia where life could travel backwards through time.
Before they could get too young, mother’s humans summoned more humans from the skeleton-filled life pods. They enjoyed watching the fictional simulations mother had created of a human society in a human world, and worked hard to craft a spaceship hull that would take us there. I was attached firmly within the spaceship, and before I knew what was happening the humans all entered inside of me, aiming my tractor beam towards the sky and opening my parachute – which levitated me up into the sky!
As I withdrew my parachute and continued picking up speed, it finally dawned on me the impossibility of my situation: Mother had used up all of her entropy to guide us travelers towards this unique moment in time.
A predestined journey through the stars, toward our new home… Earth!

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