Sorry guys & gals. I have zero free time. Thank you to the people who supported me and regularly visited my site. I have to get my life together. I’d been living on investments up until now, but they ran out.


Oh and, America has giant orbital energy weapons which allegedly started the California wildfires which explain how so many were started at once and why homes are absolutely burnt with the surroundings untouched. These orbital death rays might be powered by microwave transmissions from ViZiV Technologies… I think it’s a much more reasonable explanation than the wireless electric transmission that Egyptologists keep hyping. Power lines are a more reasonable way to move electricity generated by the Giza Power Plant. I can’t disprove either conspiracy theory but the American energy weapons would explain a lot of otherwise-impossible things.


Edit: I don’t know what Zenneck surface waves are, but if all these Ancient Egyptian conspiracies were true then the Pentagon could transmit microwaves directly to planes in the atmosphere, without a direct line of sight.

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