Whitehouse Breaks War Powers Resolution of 1973


December 1st update: Senate voted 63-37 to debate the war in Yemen.
But Whitehouse is promising to veto the result 😥


December 23 update: Trump is pulling most of the troops out of Syria and Afghanistan!! This is GREAT NEWS! Finally (^.^)

“Not a single segment on Syria mentioned that the war is illegal. It’s illegal. We haven’t declared it; we’re doing an offensive war against a country that didn’t attack us, it’s a quagmire because we’re on both sides of the war. We funded Islamist extremists. Our so-called ‘moderate’ US-backed rebels beheaded a child. They don’t tell you any of those things!”

A Syrian journalist weighs in:

tl;dr – Even if Turkey invaded the Kurds, Turkey is a part of NATO so the US cannot go to war. LOL!

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