Tesla Founder Forced to Resign

The SEC (federal government) impeached the founder of Tesla – an electric car company, forcing him to step down for 3 years and pay a $20,000,000 fine. Ironic that they would go after an electric car company founder without any evidence, instead of punishing proven criminals in Wallstreet for crashing the economy the subprime mortgage crisis, or for breaking federal reserve laws with large time deposits, or fining Hillary Clinton for embezzling DNC funds. His crime? Claiming that his company had not committed fraud. Elon Musk threatened to resign if Tesla agreed with the SEC to pay for fraud allegations because they hadn’t committed fraud. This caused Tesla’s stock to drop 14%, as investors worried that the SEC would impeach him. Elon Musk regained investors’ trust in his infamous ‘420’ tweet causing stock to a new high! This pissed off the SEC who doubled his fined him $10,000,000 and told him to step down for 3 years instead of 2. Still no evidence of fraud. But I’m sure there’s nobody in the oil industry lobbying the US federal government to target their competitors. It’s not like there’s Citizens United doing legalized bribery for the oil industry! F-ck. I want an electric car…

(Update: He donated $480,000 to give schools clean water.)

When lobbyists say “Free market Capitalism is great!” they forget to include car monopolies (dealerships are banned from selling electric cars), pharma monopolies (the patent holder decides the price of medicine), corn/wheat/soy/cotton/sorghum/canola monopolies (seed cleaners are banned and if 1% of your crops are contaminated with Monsanto seeds then you’re f-cked for life). NAFTA and TPP f-ck the middle class, and if you’re lower class without a union then your corporate overlords decide your pay and working conditions, and either way you get to compete with sweat shops, illegal immigrants and robots for pay! Who reaps the benefits of the industrial and technological revolution? Not you!! Pay has not kept up with inflation – and inflation is caused by the banks issuing money through the fractional reserve (or more recently, large time deposits). Well – according to the media, immigrants are to blame. So keep blaming immigrants for the problems caused by your CEOs, banks, and corrupt government, as you buy your GMO corn/wheat/soy at a cheap government-subsidized price, spending existentially-threatening amounts of oil to make that fertilizer and RoundUp, causing sustainable farmers to bankrupt and seek jobs working for Monsanto in the fields and slaughterhouses – which by the way, produce more greenhouse gases than all vehicles on the road combined (manufacturing not included). Yup! Blame dem immigrants. Nevermind that the economy is completely controlled by the same people who crashed the economy for three years! Do need a Green New Deal? No. But we sure do need ICE! I say we, because everyone is affected by America, and believe it or not, the most powerful force on Earth is the American working class. (Who’re about to get f——-cked..! With hyperinflation. Every developed country is starting to shuffle away from the US dollar and how does America respond? Trade sanctions. Exporting all the jobs overseas and then imposing trade sanctions and locking up refugees. Repealing net neutrality and censoring RT News, AntiWar, ZB, Shawn Lucas, Daniel McAdams, Abby Martin, Diamond and Silk, the ALF, any critics of war and PSYOPS, and any initiative to hand count ballots or conduct exit polls. You had New York admitting to election fraud, and election officials destroying ‘extra’ ballots leftover from the illegal unlisted voting stations on the Clinton website. Heck, it’s illegal to form a union in some states! Ok what was I saying? Maybe Americans are already f-cked. And the job of cable news is to redirect the anger! Redirect it at other Americans. “Divide and Conquer.”) Isn’t it interesting that a Chinese cryptocurrency exchange is suddenly inaccessible in the places with no net neutrality, right as the Chinese impose tariffs and fear of THE Crash goes mainstream? Not a crash. THE Crash. The one that throws us into World War 3 (see footnote). Anyways war raises approval ratings in the US. Fear creates trust, doublespeak creates hope, and this bullshit McCarthyism with Linux and Tesla creates a slippery slope where people like Aaron Swartz, Brett Kavanaugh, Kim Dotcom, and Navinder Singh Sarao can be taken down without due process. The IRS and drone strike program thrive on the assumption of guilty until proven innocent. Americans citizens can be indefinitely detained without trial, and people don’t see a courtroom before being arrested. This rant went on way longer than expected. Anyways, I believe that someone should be charged with a crime and tried in court and found guilty BEFORE being punished for breaking the law, because “guilty until proven innocent” replaces the rule of law with a totalitarian police state where anyone can get anyone imprisoned over false charges. And I’m not saying that every allegation is false! I’m saying there needs to be evidence.

Footnote and trigger warning: If there’s one thing that raises government approval ratings, it’s xenophobia and war – preferably against people living in the same country as an evil dictator. Christians are groomed from a young age to accept genocide. Whether it’s killing all the firstborn in Egypt, drowning people, setting them on fire, the promised land, crusades, Zionism, natural disaster, animal torture, slavery, stoning children, disease, aging..! Christians are taught from birth to believe that everything is justifiable if the murderer is guided by God! Except child rape. Christians don’t have an explanation for why that happens. They get confused when praying doesn’t work at the casino. I remember that interview where the Christian missionary recounted how the child sex workers all screamed after being told that rape is evil. I think that moment taught me a lot about humanity. And learning that a rapist and murderer believed he was God also haunted me for a long time. And it wasn’t until many, many, many years later that I began to judge evil and cruelty separately. Perhaps some of the people reading this will become rapists, and I’ll be partially responsible for making them interested in sexual submission. I used to be very passionate about helping other people improve their sense of morals, but now I enjoy writing darker captions and sexualizing mental suffering. Some people see it as a character to relate with, or a fantasy escape, but some of my fans will be like me, turning to darker tropes and darker fantasies. It’s possible to be good and cruel at the same time. Or delusional. Am I a source of comfort? A bad example? Or a way to fulfill dark desires in the safety of your imagination? There will always be that one person who takes captions literally and decides to rape someone, and I feel responsible for that. But I also believe that my erotica prevents people from raping, because we have a safe outlet for our desires where nobody is harmed, and instinctive desires arise whether we want them or not. So I don’t upload the darker stuff here, when I’m already worried that my youngest fans will learn a sexist world view where women are objectified as weak and helpless, and manipulation women earns you sex. Benefiting from hurting someone makes us evil. Hurting someone on purpose makes us cruel, and if the person inflicting the suffering isn’t benefiting or doing it of their own will then the karma and blame default to the next person: me. So I’m hoping that by giving people my heartfelt captions I can prevent more rape than I cause, by giving people an outlet (▰˘◡˘▰)

But recently I’ve only been writing darker captions, and that’s why I haven’t uploaded anything week. It’s easier to write when I’m lonely.

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