Linux Founder Forced to Resign

Linux founder steps-down over allegations of discrimination from newbie coders who state that using a system of meritocracy equates to promoting transphobia, sexism, and racism, because the creators of Linux who rejected a security vulnerability (that the NSA could’ve exploited) are mostly white males and therefore entitled and discriminatory. I believe that meritocracy rewards high quality coding and the discrimination is against bugged code, rather than identity politics. This is the most twisted, hypocritical invocation of the LGBTQ+ name I have ever witnessed! The goal is probably to hand over Linux to the intelligence agencies, or create so much drama that the creators withdraw their code in protest and cripple the whole Linux operating system permanently so that intelligence agencies can spy on everyone (since every other operating system is full of security exploits). I am so mad. Also I moved to a new place and my housemate is already screaming at me (four times in two days) for putting my own furniture in my own room! Threatens to strangle me for not buying them cigarettes… I set up a security camera in case something happens.

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