Remembering World Trade Center 7

What are some awful things that everyone seems to not talk about? The Sahara Desert, nuclear arms race, various genocides, animal rights, military-industrial complex, overpopulation, sweat shops, fractional-reserve banking, global warming, various CIA coups, overfishing, aquifers, Christian fundamentalists, antibiotics in the meat industry, predatory healthcare & insurance, anti-socialist reform in academia. Any professor or teacher can be fired for advocating economic socialism, there is a stigma in all fields of science against publishing evidence that contradicts established models or religious norms (e.g. quantum entanglement or gene therapy), pharmaceutical research is profit-driven which means it is more profitable to let people get sick instead of researching cures. It is more profitable to cure symptoms rather than underlying problems, because curing the cause loses you customers. There is a lack of financial incentive to cure genetic diseases such as aging. Same goes for petro-agriculture where fertilizers & pesticides are derived from fossil fuels. Developing our understanding of human psychology is even more stigmatized than scientific progress due to religion. Many psychologists & psychiatrists want to keep customers and sell prescription drugs which means curing the symptoms rather than the underlying cause. Cable news networks have been bought-out by plutocrats and intelligence agencies. For-profit prisons and healthcare and insurance are really ineffective. Governments have trouble gaining support for population planning, sustainable agriculture, sustainable energy, and cuts to military spending. Legalized bribery was allowed to enter the revolving door of the military, banks, and federal gov. Recently we got Citizens United: politicians can now be bought off by banks and companies, which means the people in charge of regulating money-laundering and pollution are chosen by the industries being regulated. For example, there was zero law enforcement when Wallstreet caused the subprime mortgage crisis, or when oil pipelines and factories break EPA standards and kill people with pollution. Dow Chemical, Monsanto, Bayer and BP oil are allowed to make laws preventing victims from suing them. Criticizing the meat or dairy industry is illegal, and nobody is in jail for killing Kennedy, colluding with 9/11 attackers, or destroying Libya & Yemen. A vice-president can order NORAD to stand-down during multiple terrorist attacks and nobody bats an eye. We see the third tower (happy September 11th guys) collapsing in FREE FALL despite no planes hitting it, and nobody bats an eye. The US is never held accountable for breaking international law with depleted uranium bombs and toxic burn pits. Saudi Arabia is not held accountable for white phosphorus (supplied by the US) and blockading civilians. And US police use illegal tear gas and zero safety mechanisms on their handguns… When internationally-banned tear gas was not enough, North Dakota hired the counter-terrorist mercenary group Tiger Swan to maim clean water activists by SHOOTING GRENADES at them! Google started researching drone strike AI for the military, and nobody is worried about AI becoming smarter than humans, as long as companies, military contractors and the federal government can profit off smarter AI. It is now legal to detain US & Canadian citizens without trial, by calling them terrorists. The terrorist watchlist includes a water safety group and animal rights group, but not Al-Qaeda’s Syrian branch the Al-Nusra Front. (facepalm) Ecologically destructive agriculture, mining, & fracking have gotten worse, hidden healthcare quotas for the elderly will always be in equilibrium with healthcare logistics, and humans are apathetic in general and don’t really care about critical political issues and existential threats. This means elected governments are reactive rather than proactive. And US election systems are so outdated that an 11-year old can hack voting machines or voting websites within 10 minutes. We see gerrymandering in redistricting, we see Clinton websites telling people to vote at fake voting stations which then switch ballots with real voting stations. Crosscheck and closed voting stations have purged millions of voters, and we saw the Green Party’s ballot hand recount initiative blocked at the polling stations which fed ballots to the allegedly compromised machines and discard the leftover ballots when the count did not add up! Exit polls don’t match machine results, and it doesn’t even require a password to hijack administrator privileges on some voting machines. We see multiple election officials admitting to fraud, but when Shawn Lucas filed a lawsuit with the DNC over their finances being controlled by the Clintons and using Bernie Bros donations for Hillary, he was immediately killed. The cable news networks are barred from doing exit polls, and of course good luck letting international observers in to validate the credibility of US general elections. There’s no transparency in voting machines, nothing to verify that your vote was counted. Whistleblowers are treated poorly to disincentivize transparency (Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Aaron Swartz). Cable news parrots PSYOPs every year, which get debunked the next week (historical targets include Japan, Libya, Syria, Venezuala and Russia). Many cities have lead poisoning, there are water shortages all over, and plastic in the ocean is forecasted to surpass fish. Arabs and Latinos are demonized, and the middle class is told to blame the lower class for outsourced jobs, leading to a fractured working class that can’t unite on economic issues. The victims of climate change, petro-agriculture and proxy wars are criminalized for seeking refugee status (ICE is a for-profit group of thugs that separates children from parents, yet ignores the labor force that Monsanto smuggles in until Monsanto catches them demanding fair working conditions). Military veterans aren’t compensated, citizenships are being revoked, minimum wage hasn’t kept-up with inflation, and stop-and-frisk is rampant. Zionism is still a thing, leading to a genocide in Gaza and the collapse of Iran’s economy. Saudi Arabia is still a top US ally, and other countries pretty much ignore the war crimes and executions committed by their theocratic patriarchal monarchy. Currency is not physically-backed, animal welfare regulations are worse than in Nazi Germany, and the education system has been broken for decades. Let’s not forget September 11th 2001. The day when US air defense was ordered to stand-down in the face of terrorist attacks against civilians and the World Trade Center 7 collapsed in free fall, precursoring the most infamous chain of for-profit military occupations and proxy wars since the second World War. The US drops 30,000 bombs a year in Yemen, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Niger, Ira, Somalia, and Pakistan (many of which are radioactive), and 90% of drone strike deaths are collateral murder. There is zero accountability for bombing schools and hospitals, and diplomacy is driven by war-profiteers. Guns are sold to criminals and terrorists without regulation, the meat industry has spawned antibiotic-resistant superbugs (and releases more greenhouse gases than all vehicles on the road combined), and if we survive the scarcity of resources and overpopulation then we still have genetic deterioration to worry about. And these are just humanity’s problems. Soon we’ll have to deal with higher temperatures, which means higher relative humidity, which means more clouds. But water is actually a greenhouse gas. There’s no financial incentive for reversing global warming, and space exploration got put on the backburner, so within 2000 years we’ll all be living in a desert, stocked with enough nukes to destroy the world several times over.

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