(Guest Caption) Oblivious to Prank


My List of Top 50 TG-Cradle Captions:

1) Date Substitute
2) Autopilot
3) Reflections of A Crisis
4) Impacts of a Second Childhood
5) Acting the Part: Part 1
6) Maid for the Sick
7*) Sisters in Arms
8) Unwelcomed Truth
9) Additional Changes Part 2
10) Doubled-Up Influence
11) Additional Changes Part 1.5
12) Without Protest
Δ13) Sovereignty: Deconstructed Hope
13) Ballet
14) Plucking the Cherry
15) Domination
16) Low Moral Fiber Sequel
17) Arrogant With The Details
18*) Wrong Target
19) Sleeping Beauty
20) Second Chance
21) Lies and Trickery
22) Nihilism
23†) New Interests
24*) Low Moral Fiber
25) Death By Fondling
26†) Sweet Dreams (a.k.a. Happy Dreams)
27) Assertion Alignment
28) Masculine Energy
29) Milestones
30) Suggestive
31) Small Threshold (blog)
32) Brain Fog Part 2
33*) Perfect Girlfriend
34*) Attention Seeking
35*) The Scarf
36) All Alone
37) Rivalry Without Boundaries
Δ38) Working As Normal
??) Ripe for the Picking
39*) Already Signed
40) A Role in Weakness
41) One Thing To Keep: Shoes
42) A Debt to Pay
43) TG Caption: Washing Away (a.k.a. Insight)
44) Running The Path of Life
45) Misguided Punishment (blog)
46) Washing Away
47) Stunned and Confused
48) Help Wanted! Help Me!
49) TG Caption: Bad News
50) Staying Put
51) TG Caption: Confession
52) Awakening Part 2
53) Insecurities
54) Excalibur
55) Mirroring Future Prospects
56*) Embodiment of Society
57) Proper Perpetrator
58†) Confession
59) Clone Machine
60†) An Odd Brew of Tea
61†) Search for Meaning
62†) A Maid In The Making
63†) TG Caption: Power To The People
64†) Breaking Into Prison
65†) Stuck in Character
66†) I Swear I Wasn’t Looking For It

And of course, this newest one – Oblivious to Prank! Today we are celebrating Daisy’s 1,000,000th reader!

* – captions with an asterisk are ranked highly due to seniority, and must be re-evaluated for emotional impact.

† – captions with a dagger are ranked low due to lack of seniority, and must be compared against higher-ranked captions.

Δ – captions from 2019 and newer!

The following captions need to be ranked: Tipping The Scales Cooking In SpitePower To The PeopleChant PracticeFeminisation Crisis: Degradation of A Pet, The One In Charge, Shock Collar, Holding It InActing The Part (Part 5), Oblivious to Prank, Progressive Mirror Hypnosis, Other Side of the Lens and Your Favourite Character! Update: Added Impacts of a Second Childhood. I had the privilege of proofreading it and I can’t wait for its release!

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