3 thoughts on “Better to Forget

  1. Today the price of bitcoin is at an all-time low. It may even fall from $6300 back to $4000, because speculators and tax havens are probably jumping ship. But, if you trust blockchain technology more than wall street (which I do) then converting ~10% of your networth into bitcoin is a good safety net against some trigger-happy deep state honcho starting World War 3. The blowback from government-toppling in the Middle East, the destruction of Libya, and Trump’s incompetence has worsened America’s reputation with China and Russia. Now that television, social media, ISPs, and voting machines are all in the pocket of the deep state, the criminals who destroyed American democracy would rather escalate with Russia’s RSII coalition, than risk being exposed for their crimes. Now that Syria has broken the American oil-monopoly, it is impossible for wall street to keep printing virtual currency without the petro-dollar collapsing! What kept the US dollar strong was the monopoly on oil-exports (all oil in the Middle East had to be sold in USD). Libya was destroyed to enforce this monopoly, but now oil-exporters have formed alliances with other countries to resist US imperialism. This is good for bitcoin, because with the deep state basically threatening thermonuclear war to cover their asses, asset forfeiture of non-NATO citizens, and the collapse of the USD (and therefore the global economy) are both very real threats. Bitcoin doesn’t insulate us from that, since the price of bitcoin is tied to the US dollar. But the advantage of cryptocurrency is that during thermonuclear war, it holds its value better than paper money. One of my pet peeves is people forecasting apocalyptic events. I don’t think I will see World War 3 in my lifetime, but I like to spread my assets.


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